Monday, August 8, 2011

When a sultry South African met a Moroccan lover...

Sometimes a heavy dose of reality can take a toll on your spirits. It’s not that I have any issues with reality. But just some days you wish life was kinder. I wish people would smile more, hug more, and kiss more. I wish people would live like there is no tomorrow. If that’s too much to ask. I wish we would let others live like that.... And hey, when I say people it includes me too.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have our realities highlighted with music? The suspense, the joy, the quiet and the solitudes highlighted with a background score! Just like the movies. Imagine drum rolls, every time my family takes the first bite of my freshly baked cake. A nice jazz number when I am working on the dough. Violin when I am peeling onions. A lovely Kumar Sanu, when relishing the Malabar lamb biriyani. Reality would be so much better with some song. But the one of the things that makes reality such a great place to be is the experience of tastes, the feel of textures, the pampering of your most erogenic zone: the mouth. Well! I can most certainly spruce up my reality with some fine food and drink.
Today I choose a fruit and a drink to add colour to our sometimes lacklustre existence. Very simple things. But glorious in texture, flavour and aroma.
A trip to town landed me in the much talked about fruit and vegetable shop called ‘Spring Never Ends’. A cute air-conditioned place with vegetables of local flavour and the exotic kinds (read imported). From broccoli to all kinds lettuces. From cherries from Tuscany to South African pears. It was such a treat for sore eyes. I wanted to pick up everything. And after much mulling settled on some leeks, peppers (yellow, green and red) baby corn and mushrooms. Like the cream on the cake, some luscious and juicy soft South African pears followed. And today the pear is one of the protagonists. The sexy sultry siren of my story (Imagine curtains rising and strumming guitars).

The first bite of this curvaceous beauty just swept me off my feet. My mouth experienced no resistance. The juicy flesh succumbed to my teethy onslaught in total abandon. Firm on the outside, the insides leaves you unprepared for the soft to the bite texture oozing juice. Not to mention the earth-spinning sweetness.I just closed my eyes and sat back to relish in the experience. And to think a simple pear could do this to me.

But the real hero of the story is the drink. A foreigner too. A true blooded Moroccan Mint flavoured green tea. A full bodied experience of flavour. Now this is what I call tea. For the past five years I’ve been having green tea every morning. So much so I can’t live without it now. I have tried all kinds. Different brands. Both local and foreign. But this Moroccan dude simply takes the cake. What makes this tea special is the obvious character of mint flavour. A sip of this tea from a nice tumbler on a wet monsoon afternoon on my balcony has turned to be that time of the day I look forward to most. I coaxed my husband to try the same. Now he loves it to. He claims it is helping his stomach which is definitely overworked from all that eating outs. Regular green tea is usually null and void of aroma. But the mint in this one simply awakens your senses. But the best feature is after you sip the tea your insides feel it has just experienced the most soothing massage. It makes a great after meal mint treat too.

The tea was a gift from a good friend Javed Parvesh. Thank you Javed for introducing me to this Moroccan lover. It has done wonders to my insides ;-)
And this is the story of how a beautiful pear and a full bodied foreigner, married in the chapel of my insides. Giving birth to new experiences. (Hmmm. Right here we can have Strauss’s Blue the background score.)
A remedy for those days when my reality goes south. Of course! Life can be very interesting.
Reality rocks! (The drum rolls....)

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